Too Much Information

Have you ever seen or heard something you wished you had not? Has someone told you a dirty little secret they should not have yet you still heard it? Has God told you something you wish you didn’t know? There will always be a time in our life we think we have too much information. Unfortunately, we cannot unknow what we know. Sometimes, I would like to just hit the rewind button and write over that knowledge with other more desirable information but it cannot be done. Knowledge is very important to every human being. We thrive based on the knowledge we have. We are destroyed by lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). There are three ways to deal with desirable or undesirable knowledge from said information. We can ignore/repeat it, we can neglect/use it or we can disregard/keep it. The choices are ours to make.

Ignore or Repeat

When we get undesirable personal knowledge about people our maturity level determines whether we ignore the information or we repeat it (1 Corinthians 14:20). Ignoring the information doesn’t mean we ignore the person especially if they are in need of hope. What it means is we can discern if we should even have that information. Is it desirable information or undesirable. If we make the decision we should not have this knowledge we should ignore it but we cannot unknow it so we pray. If we make the decision to repeat the undesirable information we are choosing to perpetuate what the Life Skills Encyclopedia calls tail bearing. Gossiping hurts you and it hurts everyone around you. You cannot unlearn this knowledge but you can choose to not speak of it.

Neglect or use

In the event you are lucky enough to hear a Word from God, who is the source of all knowledge, will you choose to neglect it or will you use it to gain further knowledge. The only way to unknow the knowledge of God is if He removes it from you (Luke 8:18). The reason He will remove it is neglect of His Words. On the other hand, He gives more knowledge when we use the knowledge He gives us. Each piece of information He gives us may very well dangle in midair for some time until one piece of information He gives us joins all the pieces together to create a complete knowledge about what He has been teaching us. Using those pieces of information has resulted in our great discovery of the knowledge of God.

Disregard or Keep

We are blessed enough to be able to use information from both human minds and the mind of God. We also have another avenue to receive information, the devil. The more information we speak about the more information the devil knows we have and what we are using it for. If we neglect the information from God the devil also knows. He has been studying humans for eons. He knows what we are capable of doing and he can fool us with information that sounds like it is from God. It is our job to be able to discern whether we are hearing from the devil or God. If it is from the devil we should disregard that information because it is meant to get us into trouble. If it is from God we need to keep it in our heart. The heart or soul is where we keep the pieces of information God means to use later to complete our knowledge.

Consider the Source

We always have to take the source into consideration. This can be a major obstacle for some folks because they can be deceived by the source of the information. There are three sources of information, man, God and the devil. There are only two types of information, false or true, and both can be skewed in the reception. Each person is apt to make up their own mind about information based on their history and who is giving them the information. We are called to be discerning with the information we receive because we cannot unlearn the knowledge we have. We need to be careful what we listen too so we will obtain more desirable information rather than undesirable information. We can gain desirable information from man, from God and from the devil. We need to learn how to use it appropriately to become more knowledgeable about our God. From God, you can never have too much information.