RIM 69 Art

The Answer to Every Question!

The Question A question was asked at church this Sunday morning Leola knew right away the answer of or did she! If you could ask Jesus one question what would it be? That was the question? The only question allowed? Her question would be to ask why He waited until her forties to put this Read More


The Escape is Obedience!

The Excuse! She is walking through the parking lot excited about a new prospect she has ahead of her. Leola Lurned squeezes her coat tighter as much a result of the cold as out of an uneasiness about attending church for the first time in ten years. This is her mother’s church, her grandmother’s church, Read More

rim 49 james

How far away is improving our life skills from applying the Words of God?

Our life skills, in my vision, are more advanced than brushing our teeth. It is caring for our everyday life from the time we wake up until we retire at night. They engulf our every decision for today and the future. They are personal and social, mental and physical, financial and environmental and, of course, moral. Read More

The New Me!

Our Significance in the Body of Christ is Christ’s Job not Ours!

We are significant to Christ at all times because He chose us but how often do we feel as if we are making a significant difference in the Body of Christ? Do we know how significant we are to the Body of Christ right now? Are we pushing our way in to make significance or Read More