If you want to be Content get Self-Control

Are you always trying to figure out why your life is out of control? Is there chaos even in the peaceful times? Is reverse your common direction rather than forward? You are not alone. There is only one way to steer your life to have what you desire, self-control. Jesus has much to say in Read More

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A Pill isn’t a Miracle it’s a Pill!

The Pill Leola Lurned is comfortably lounging on her have-to-have-it sofa gazing out the window into nothing but feeling fully aware nothing is where she is right now and nobody is who she is. A squirrel catches her eye jumping from branch to branch with an agility and freedom one only can wish for. A Read More

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If God is in CHARGE, why do we Worry? Life should be filled with Wonder!

  How often have we gone on for days about a particular topic to ultimately give up the worry because we have come to the conclusion that we have no control?  We even allow the unpleasant thing to invade the other areas in our life we thought were just fine. Even the unsaved do that? Read More

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Our Mind Sustains Change like a Rock Retains Water!

You’re sitting in your favourite chair staring at the television with your lot coursing through your mind. Not one of the 1500 channels you flip through sooths it. You search out the recline button and press until the chair that used to calm you can recline no more. You would rather just lie down and Read More

Revelation 1:3 Blessed are we

Becoming an Overcomer is Easier than you think!

Revelation Chapter 1, 2 and 3 call us to be overcomers. Have you read it? Take some time now and read it before reading on. They are hefty chapters to read but describe what our walk, as Christian’s, should look like. For a glimpse of your reward in full colour for eternity, should you choose Read More


A Soul in Sync

I want to first start with a description of what the soul is because I keep forgetting myself. Our soul is our life and defines who we are, what we believe and what we stand for. It is our volition (desire), our mind (intellect), and our emotion. Our soul is moulded by experience, knowledge and Read More

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Cry out to Him and See!

There is nothing like a death in the family to make us evaluate (or me anyway) the things we are doing. We watch as people walk through the room and how they react. We react with curiosity about how they have impacted the lives of those they knew. We evaluate how they have impacted our life. The Read More

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My Soul Longs for Him!

I have been juggling three very good books over the last week and wonder how much more does God need to teach me. The most phenomenal thing is that they all are related to each other at this very moment. How amazing is that? Not at all because we are dealing with our God here! Read More

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Excited to Learn? YEAH!

Knowledge is one thing but understanding is a whole new ball game. I love it when I begin to understand something whether related to the Word of God or at my job or even just reading a book that is hard to understand. I ponder stuff all the time and ask why a lot. Jesus Read More