The Escape is Obedience!

The Excuse! She is walking through the parking lot excited about a new prospect she has ahead of her. Leola Lurned squeezes her coat tighter as much a result of the cold as out of an uneasiness about attending church for the first time in ten years. This is her mother’s church, her grandmother’s church, Read More

RIM 52

You can Problem Solve your way into Real Truth!

When it comes to life skills, desperation is a driving factor for all manner of horrible things to happen. What is the driving factor for those who have been caught up in human trafficking? They were desperate for a better life and someone took advantage of that. What is the driving factor for overwhelming debt? Read More

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If God is in CHARGE, why do we Worry? Life should be filled with Wonder!

  How often have we gone on for days about a particular topic to ultimately give up the worry because we have come to the conclusion that we have no control?  We even allow the unpleasant thing to invade the other areas in our life we thought were just fine. Even the unsaved do that? Read More