RIM 95 - Purpose art

When should your Vision from God Take Precedence?

Why would you bother to set boundaries or goals if you believe your life has no purpose? Why would a Christian believe they have no purpose? When Jesus chooses you He tells you what your purpose will be and that purpose will change your whole life therefore it always takes precedence. If you give your Read More

RIM 90 Art Work

Biblical Boundaries Part 4: Wisdom

Up to this point you have been gaining wisdom without being aware of how much wisdom you have gained. If you have been asking Jesus for answers and He has been supplying them wisdom has been embroiled in all of those answers. There was prep work for you to do from Week 3 and if Read More

RIM90 Art

Biblical Boundaries Part 3: Intervention

This is my favourite part in the book The White Picket Fence from the chapter 9 instructions. When we think of intervention we break out into a sweat just thinking about our family coming together for that cause. I don’t know if that has happened to you but it has never happened to me. If Read More