RIM 73 - identity crisis

A Crisis of Identity

The Old Crisis Strained relationships are common for Leola right now. It isn’t the fault of the people in her life. There is a struggle in her mind about who she should be as a Christian. Should she abandon her old self? She has secular friends and Christian friends and at this moment she is Read More

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Cry out to Him and See!

There is nothing like a death in the family to make us evaluate (or me anyway) the things we are doing. We watch as people walk through the room and how they react. We react with curiosity about how they have impacted the lives of those they knew. We evaluate how they have impacted our life. The Read More

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Excited to Learn? YEAH!

Knowledge is one thing but understanding is a whole new ball game. I love it when I begin to understand something whether related to the Word of God or at my job or even just reading a book that is hard to understand. I ponder stuff all the time and ask why a lot. Jesus Read More

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The Rewards for Study

I don’t know about you, I am an instant gratification person! Well, that might be a little strong but I like to see the reward from my work. I am a hard worker and I can see the reward sometimes but there are times when I work hard and see nothing, if you know what Read More

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What Will it Take? Part 3

I have asked you what it will take to get you to read the Bible – what was your answer? I have also asked you what it will take to get you to study the Bible – what was you answer to that question? Now a new question if you can handle it. What will Read More

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Guard those Pieces with Your Life!

Joining the pieces of information together that God gives us takes time and knowledge to accomplish. We all use different methods to join those pieces together. To follow the will of God we need to be able to put those pieces together. Putting these pieces together takes a steadfast mind on the task. If we Read More

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A Reason to Think!

I have to figure things out! I need to know! Why do I do things this way and how will they work out? Every time a thought comes in my head I reason it out to get the answer! I can talk myself into hating something that is perfectly fine! Why do I do that? I want something other than what I have so Read More

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Strategies that Count!

Are you thriving? Are the strategies you use for life bringing you closer to your life’s goals or are they bringing you further away? Are your life skills presenting you as having control over your life or are they showing your inability to use wise strategies to accomplish your dreams? The world will have us Read More

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Let Him Choose!

Elijah, the prophet of God Almighty, killed 450 prophets of Baal and believed at this time that he alone stood for God (1 Kings 18-19). He was exhausted and ready to give up. He went up to the top of carmel and put his head between his knees waiting for the rain to come. It Read More

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God IS in Charge?

What do we mean when we say, “God is in charge?” Do we actually believe what we say or do we just partially believe it? Why do we say it if we don’t fully believe it? Conditioning? Delusion? Hope? We say it for three different reasons – to make others feel better, to make ourselves feel Read More