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A Pill isn’t a Miracle it’s a Pill!

The Pill Leola Lurned is comfortably lounging on her have-to-have-it sofa gazing out the window into nothing but feeling fully aware nothing is where she is right now and nobody is who she is. A squirrel catches her eye jumping from branch to branch with an agility and freedom one only can wish for. A Read More

rim 49 james

How far away is improving our life skills from applying the Words of God?

Our life skills, in my vision, are more advanced than brushing our teeth. It is caring for our everyday life from the time we wake up until we retire at night. They engulf our every decision for today and the future. They are personal and social, mental and physical, financial and environmental and, of course, moral. Read More

RIM 101 art

Our Knowledge of God and Understanding our Plan Perfects Us!

Knowledge and understanding are the best tools for planning our future but how do we get them. Solomon, the wise king, said, “Without counsel plans go awry but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.” (Proverbs 15:22) Why, this was the wisest man alive saying this! If the wisest man alive says we need Read More