If you want to be Content get Self-Control

Are you always trying to figure out why your life is out of control? Is there chaos even in the peaceful times? Is reverse your common direction rather than forward? You are not alone. There is only one way to steer your life to have what you desire, self-control. Jesus has much to say in Read More


Awareness Makes us Abound Part 1

There is no way to improve any of our life skills until we are aware of the actions we are taking to create our issues. There are general reasons such as the people we keep company with, where we choose to spend our nights or our environment. This is not an exhaustive list by any Read More

RIM76 - interested art work

Interesting or Interested

Be Interesting Leola has spent her life trying to find ways to become interesting to people because she felt so invisible. She spent a lot of time training herself to be a good speaker. She joined Toastmasters. She spent a lot of time trying to look just right so her cloths wouldn’t stand out before Read More

RIM 69 Art

The Answer to Every Question!

The Question A question was asked at church this Sunday morning Leola knew right away the answer of or did she! If you could ask Jesus one question what would it be? That was the question? The only question allowed? Her question would be to ask why He waited until her forties to put this Read More


We are Ensnared by the Words of Our Mouth!

Three ways to overcome this! I wonder if this has ever happened to you? Have you said something then regretted it when you actually had a chance to ponder it? These words weren’t vulgar nor deceptive just unwise words, unthought-out words. Words we will now have to stand by although we really don’t want too. Read More