Rest on Your Biblical Boundaries

Change is not easy but if part of your plan is to rest in the Lord everything will work out for the good to those who love God (Romans 8:28). Time to work the plan is all we have unless Jesus has said He wants change NOW. I can understand that directive because that has always been my directive from Jesus. He wanted the change right now from me. When I first began to follow Jesus, I was not a good Christian woman. I didn’t even begin to read the Bible until one year and two months after I got saved but when I started, change happened. When change started it was not easy and it certainly wasn’t cozy. It was painful and heart breaking. It was time consuming to make the changes Jesus wanted and if I refused He sent a punishment almost instantly. The most painful part about the changes was that it never let up. It was one right change after another with no rest in between. I was learning constantly but that was not good either. I should have rested from learning and just ingrained the boundaries and the teaching a little more. I needed to just rest in the Lord for a while but I didn’t know better. My resistance to do that was probably responsible for some of my boundaries taking longer to implement.

A planned rest from learning is very important. A rest after week five is a good idea. You have your “fence” to look at and implement into your life. In the week after you create it, spend time knowing the ramification your fence will have. Read them daily so you know them. Then, hunker in to implement them into your life every day, every minute, and every second.

Since we are in the Christmas season, with everything we do focusing on Jesus, I want you to hunker into the Bible as well. All the way through The White Picket Fence you were given verses to look up, to read and to memorize. You know every work written in there was from the Father. My ability to give you that information came from Him. My ability to interest you in the women’s stories came from Him. The strength you gain from knowing what to do will come from Him. The understanding you have of what you will need to do next will come from Him.

This is a very important process to get right. Jesus is how we do everything. He is responsible for your welfare and it takes that seriously. He also wants you to take it seriously. Your welfare is very important to Him because everything you do is for His glory. If you think He doesn’t take your welfare seriously you won’t take your welfare seriously. As a result, you will muddle through life not taking anything seriously.

From now until we talk again hunker into your boundaries and hunker into the Word of God. Talk to Jesus and believe everything He is for you. He will lead you and guide you through everything you are doing for Him. If you focus on what He is asking you to do while asking Him what each of your steps should be He will bring you into all righteousness. He will bring you into success through all your failures. He will do EVERYTHING He said He will do based on your faith in Him. Rest in the Lord and you will know true rest.