Our Significance in the Body of Christ is Christ’s Job not Ours!

We are significant to Christ at all times because He chose us but how often do we feel as if we are making a significant difference in the Body of Christ? Do we know how significant we are to the Body of Christ right now? Are we pushing our way in to make significance or are we so far removed we believe we make no significant difference? Who has defined significance? Do we understand how significant we are to the workings of the world right now? Not knowing this causes two type of mindsets. The one mindset leads us into the direction of laziness while the other leads us in the direction of uselessness. Getting a balance between these two will improve the life skills we get from finding significance in every day living for Jesus. Jesus has put us on this earth TODAY for His use in His Body. He wants us to overcome our feeling of insignificance by knowing there is something you can do, doing what you deem as useful and knowing you need not know the future to live for today.

There is something I can do!

Our significance comes from what God has designed us to do for Him. It is not enough to know that we are significant we need to work out our understanding or we will lose the knowledge. To sustain the feeling of worth we need to see our worth in what we are doing right now. At this moment I am learning but I am also doing what God has asked me to do on a daily basis. I have been doing the same thing for almost two years now and my patience is being tested but because I am learning I am also maturing. The way I felt about my significance two years ago is completely different from what I feel today. Our attitude that our work means nothing is not the truth but we have to see it to believe it. The Bible tells us faith without works is dead and as I continue in my walk with Jesus I can understand the whole ramifications of that statement. Faith is believing that something will happen even though you cannot see it right now. I am learning right now but that learning will be put to use in the Body of Christ eventually. Doing nothing is not an option for those who follow Jesus therefore a Christian should never be called a sluggard. Whatever you are doing for Jesus right now is something that is adding significance to your life and the Body of Christ. Jesus is always working to make that happen.

I am going to do what I deem useful

The other end of this is doing so much that nothing is useful. Let’s slow our pace for a while to see what we are supposed to do. Sitting down alone with Jesus is not going to hurt your ministry in any way. As a matter of fact, if you are aware whose ministry your ministry actually is, you will understand the more time we spend with Jesus the better off we will be. I know how hard it is to slow down because we begin to feel useless ourselves because we have identified ourselves with the work we are doing rather than identifying ourselves with Jesus. Jesus sends us each day to do works useful for His Kingdom and they may very well be all done in your own home or they could be outside of your home. Both are uncomfortable in their own way but they are being done to prepare us for the next work. I am an extrovert so doing works in my own home by myself is very uncomfortable, and in my head, useless. As I continue to do what Jesus leads me to do I have discovered how important my alone time with Jesus is? That time is useful to the Body of Christ more so now than before. My demeanor has changed, my understanding has broadened and my love for Jesus and His people has transformed into something significant. What I fear most now is when He sends me out will I want to go because I like spending time alone with Him. My house has become my haven. I am over the feeling of uselessness away from the body and I don’t see significant communion beginning any time soon. I am ready to make use of myself outside of my home when He makes a way for it because I have learned to be of use inside my home. Useful is defined by Jesus and my goal is to follow Him being as useful as He wants me to be.

We don’t need future knowledge

We do not need to know what the future holds to do what Jesus wants us to do today to feel significant. Our need to know the future is what allows us to deem ourselves insignificant in the body of Christ. We know the future – Jesus wins but how are we contributing to that? Are we saving souls? Are we teaching? Are we serving? We might say no to all of those because He has us learning right now and we might say yes but too much. You might have heard a preacher tell you that you are supposed to do this and that because we are all supposed to do it but the bigger questions is – is Jesus calling you to do this or that right now? If He isn’t but the preacher said we are then we feel insignificant because we aren’t doing what that man tells us to do. That man’s opinion is not important especially because he does not know us or our life. The Man that is important is Jesus. What He wants us to do is more important than what a preacher wants us to do. Don’t base your significance in the body of Chris on what the preacher or teacher thinks base it on what the Holy One says. Our significance, in the Body and out of it, comes from Him alone.

Ask yourself some questions this week.

  • Am I called to what I am doing now or am I doing it to feel significant?
  • Am I doing nothing because I feel insignificant or because I am ignorant of what I should do?
  • Am I overworking because I think I can find who I am in that work?

Let Jesus define who you are and you will see your significance in the Body of Christ much more clearly. Let Jesus do His job while we do ours!