Journey to the Holy Land


Every Christian probably has ‘a trip to Israel’ on their bucket list but did you ever think you would be able to go? You can! This is your opportunity to fulfill one or even three things on your bucket list. You are going to Israel, you are going to walk where Jesus walked (except on the Sea of Galilee but we are going on a boat on the Sea of Galilee) and you are going to see what Jesus saw. The best part is being in Jerusalem! You will walk where Jesus walked, touch what He touched and smell what He smelled in Jerusalem. Join us, won’t you!

Jesus IS Here is planning a guided tour to Israel. We are just beginning to promote the tour so information is limited but we still want you to know – we want you to come. Our maximum capacity is 40 souls and we want to fill our max. Our tour guide is phenomenal and loves Israel with all his heart. You will never regret taking this trip to Israel!

To fulfill our goal of 40 we are asking you to post the flyer at your church. Men and women will take this trip. There may have been a group in your area who have been unable to go because of low numbers – tell them about us – they can come with us. Click  Israel Tour Flyer to access the flyer to print and hang.

The  Israel Tour Itinerary is also available for you with the prices. Most of us will leave from Canada (which is good for Americans) but we are unsure, as of yet, if we will go from Windsor or Toronto. My thinking is, if it cost $200 extra each of us to fly from Windsor we might be better off renting a van and driving to Toronto. There are two benefits 1) money saved (collectively if there are 10 of us we would save $2000.00) and 2) time saved. The layover in Toronto is 2 hours. We could spend that time at home having our morning coffee. The cost of the flight will be approximately $1000 Canadian which is approximately $750 US because of exchange.

As I get more information I will post it. Pass along this information to anyone you think may be interested in attending with us. You may email me at anytime at

I will also add a page to this with the Bible Study sheets. The two things that I missed out on when I went to Israel in 2016 was lack of knowledge about geography, history and archeology of Israel AND what God taught me afterward was what He wants me to do regarding Israel. We will talk about all of these subjects when we do the study in the Fall. It will run strictly to our itinerary.

I am very excited to present this trip to you and very excited to attend it with you. My husband and I will walk every step with you, cry every tear with you and smile every smile with you. Jesus is our Lord and wherever He was we want to be. Join us as we go where He went!