Is “Right” All?

Right with God

All the reports are pointing to Jesus coming soon so TV is asking Christians if we are ready. Are we right with God? Leola thinks about this and asks her own question, “Am I right with God? What is right with God?” She researched this idea and concludes she IS right with God. She has faith in Jesus Christ. From Romans 1 to Romans 3:20 Paul tells us what being wrong with God is then he says “but now” to show us being right with God is having faith in Jesus Christ. So, her next question is, “Why is the ‘preacher’ preaching to the choir?” Leola remembers Revelation 2 and 3 where Jesus tells His churches about being an overcomer. Is “right with God” and “overcomer” being used interchangeably? The Bible tells us once we are saved we are right with God (Romans 3:21-26) therefore how often do we need to become “right with God”? Biblically speaking salvation makes us right with God so she says out loud, “Yes, I am right with God.”

Leola has confessed Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour (Romans 10:9-10). She knows she has eternal life (John 5:24). This is right with God according to Paul. Is she missing something? Is there more? This short speech needs to be preached in the street not in the church. It needs to be spoken to the unsaved not the saved. This “right with God” speech needs to be modified to help the saved preach this to the unsaved. As Leola thinks more about this topic it becomes clearer to her being right with God is His job. He is the one who saves us. He is the one who chooses us. We cannot make ourselves right with God. This is what Paul is telling us in Romans 3. Being right with God is the work of God and not of our own works. Salvation, sanctification, reconciliation, glorification, all of the ‘ations that go with it are all the work of God therefore being right with God is out of her hands. Is there more to what the “right with God” question? She supposes so.

We are definitely in a time of peril. Mankind is in love with itself and thinks it doesn’t need our God. As a matter of fact they cannot see God in what is happening to the land today. Not so in the church. End times preaching is commencing again. The saved are asking each other if we are right with God. Why? Why are we asking each other this question? The saved ARE right with God if they are indeed chosen. We can choose for ourselves to sit in the church building out of obligation or ritual but we cannot choose be chosen by the Father. There are plenty of those people sitting in the church today and until they are chosen they cannot be right with God. They may very well get bitter and become those folks who make their own gospel to lead many astray (Jude). Will this affect the people who are right with God? It will, I suppose, make us question our salvation but that should not be so. No one who is chosen by the Father should question their salvation. If you do question your salvation you are not working out your salvation with Him.

Right Relationship with God

Leola wonders if that is all there is? Why do we have a 2000 page book if this is all there is? There has to be more included in “the right with God” concept being preached today. Her works cannot make her right with God but they do put Leola and every Christian in a “right relationship with God”. Leola is learning that being “right with God” is different from being in a “right relationship with God”. She cannot make herself right with God no matter how hard she works. Salvation is a gift of God through grace and not of our own works (Ephesians 2:8-9). On the other hand having a “right relationship with God” is about overcoming our obstacles and continuing to have faith in Jesus through them all. Leola thinks the people preaching the “right with God” speeches actually mean for us to examine our relationship with God. How can she tell if our relationship with God is right? Sometimes Leola feels lost and disconnected from God then two days later she feel found and completely connected. There is one thing she knows for sure, she is ready to go home. She is torn between going home to be with Jesus and staying for the sake of the people she will help with their life skills. That is the key she teaches and follows. She is ready. Maybe us teachers of the Word should ask, “are you ready for God” rather than are you “right with God”. Leola has been ready for years.

We can tell we are ready for God when we can honestly say, “Jesus come,” and mean it. Jesus tells us in every one of those 2000+ pages He needs to be first in our lives but unfortunately that is much easier read then done. I can tell you from experience once you begin putting Him first life gets much easier to handle, stuff gets easier to relinquish, money gets easier to donate, love gets easier to give away, and the plan gets easier to follow. We begin to see this world is not our home and we long to go home to be with Jesus. If you are ready for Jesus to come you are in a right relationship with God but if you are not you need to begin working out your salvation. Ask the unsaved to see if they need to get ‘right’ with God but ask the saved if they are in a ‘right relationship’ with God. Jesus come!

Meditation Verses: Romans 1-3; Revelation 2-3; Romans 10:9-10; John 5:24; Jude; Ephesians 2:8-9