Yeshua Shammah

In Fellowship, Missions and Evangelism Jesus is There!

Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus while Shammah is also a Hebrew word meaning there. Combined Yeshua Shammah means Jesus IS There! We are dedicated to going where women are to help them see the Power that Yeshua has bestowed upon to transform our life skills.

Just as Jesus is present with us in our own study and work He is also present with other women in our community. Yeshua Shammah is a ministry of going to women to fellowship with them, to go on missions with them or to evangelize with them! There are many women who need us, as a group, to help them improve their lives. We must go with the authority the Father has given to Jesus!

If you are not ready to go just yet you can attend the Women’s Bible Study or the Jesus IS Here Retreat to prepare yourself for action.

Yeshua Shammah Community Events

2017 Release of ‘The White Picket Fence!’ Crown for Life Explores Biblical Boundaries

2018 Journey to the Holy Land                     Israel Tour Flyer   Israel Tour Itinerary As I get more information I will post it. Pass along this information to anyone you think may be interested in attending with us. Men and women are invited.


If you have any events that you would like us to attend and post on our site please email us at

Blogs I like to read

Sherry Stahl                  She is from my area and is super beautiful in the eyes of God.

Beth Moore                  We all know Beth to be the best Bible teacher in our midst today.

Pricilla Shirer              This woman is a warrior for Jesus

Kay Author                   I love her teachings. She is super fantastic!

More to come as I go on a search of the women God wants me to follow. If you are a women following after Jesus and have a blog let me know and I will read it and ad it to my list should you be who you say you are. 1 John 4:1-6