Hope Devoted Women’s Ministry

My purpose for this ministry is to join the women in Essex County (Ontario, Canada) together who are determined, in every circumstance, to walk in the will of the Father and to be overcomers in the Name of Jesus. We will come together for two very distinct ministry events:

The Jesus IS Here Women’s Retreat

This Bi-Monthly retreat is designed with improving our life skills in mind. While we are joined together at this event we will study the Words of the Father to strengthen each other, encourage each other and learn how to apply the Words of God into our every day walk. Weekly we are reminded by the Monday Message the skills we learned and how to apply them today into our life.

Go to the Jesus IS Here Women’s Retreat Page for more information about where it is held, when and what time. Register any time for this event by contacting Kathleen.

The Yeshua Shammah Women’s Ministry

This ministry is based on the Great Commission set out for us from Jesus in Matthew 28 to go make disciples. This includes fellowshipping with other Christian women, participating with Christian women’s groups who are working for women and teaching the Words of God to women.

Go to the Yeshua Shammah Women’s Ministry page for more information about where we are, what women are doing in our community and links to the women’s ministries we like.

If your church does not have a women’s ministry and you want to join this group of women please contact Kathleen to see how you can be involved or simply go to the pages listed above to see when we are planning next to encounter Jesus while improving our life.

The great commission is for all of us together. Join with us in this ministry to affect great change in our community breaking down the strongholds in our path for the Father.