‘Fear Not’ What is Happening

Do you believe it? Do you know, for certain, the Lord is with you? We can see there is a lot of very weird stuff going on today and it is all leading to one thing – the return of our Lord Jesus. He is in control of the world as we know it today as well as yesterday and tomorrow. If we know this why are so many of us still fearful? We say in our mind, He is in charge, but in our heart we still fear what is too come. We need to get on the side of God and be joyful that He is coming but how? We need to know and meditate on His Words of truth.

There are two very powerful mediations for us. We can go into the Old Testament Psalms to see how the songs tell us to meditate on Him, His Word, His work, His precepts, His statutes and His majesty. Reading these verses is not enough; you need to know Him to be able to know His truth for the future. What if you’re a new Christian (welcome to the family) or a seasoned Christian that doesn’t spend time in the Scriptures (to your shame)? We can go to the New Testament for all the Words God gave Paul to speak to us but I want to get back to the Old Testament again to make my point because the New Testament quotes this book more than any other. Isaiah is a prophet of God who prophesied to the people while they were in conflict with the countries around them including each other (Israel and Judah). Fear consistently gripped the people just as it has gripped Christians today. We are in conflict today, not with the people around us, but with principalities so we need to prepare ourselves by meditating on the Words of God with the intent of taking action. Isaiah 41:8-10 gives us two strong precepts to meditate on in our time of fear: we are chosen and He is with us!

Fear Not, For You are Chosen!

You are here at this moment in time because you have been chosen to be here, even if you do not know why! Our ignorance of the truth doesn’t make the truth any less the truth! Based on this fact the fear we have about ‘the times’ is unfounded. Do we think the Father doesn’t know the times? Do we think He has put us in someone else’s time slot? You, like everyone else alive today who has fear, have been chosen for this time (Ephesians 2:10). Whether we believe it or not, we must take the stance that God has not made an error in placing us here today. We have been chosen by God for this time for His reasons. We need to replace the lie we are a mistake with the truth.

The Truth: You have been taken from the ends of the Earth, and called from its farthest regions by God. He is saying to you, “You are my servant! I have chosen you and have not cast you away.” No matter what you think. Now go about doing good while seeking out that reason rather than questioning your existence!

Fear Not, For He is With You!

We look around us and think we have to be the only one, everyone else is going crazy. I am sure Isaiah thought the same thing about the conflicted children of Israel. People think the craziest stuff and you are the only one who believes what the Words of God speak. Unfortunately, we begin to question the truth God has taught us. People are trying to convince us things not Biblical and preach things not supported by the Scriptures. If we spend more time questioning what we believe than we are on the right track for it is not about what others believe. They will stand before Jesus to give account for their own life while we will give account for ours. Our great God is with us and will teach us but we need to believe this. There are more of us, we just need to have faith that Jesus will reveal them to us when we need them most. We need to replace the lie we are alone with the truth.

The Truth: He is with you and He is YOUR God. He will strengthen you and help you. He will uphold you with His righteous right hand. Now go about doing good while God alone teaches you the truth!

Fear Not, For You Can be Prepared!

Settle in your heart not to meditate beforehand on what you will answer, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthymeditate on these things and give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all even if they don’t acknowledge it.

Seek out God first of all and then seek out people who challenge your current knowledge with more truth. Be sure to read every verse I have quoted or linked in this post so you know for sure that even I am in the truth. Seek out the truth for yourself and do not believe peoples truths over Biblical truths. Test every spirit knowing God will teach you what truth is. AND above all walk in the joy of the Lord so others will see your good works and give glory to God (1 Peter 2).

Hard times are coming for those who believe the true God and want to walk in HIS ways alone. Know the times that you will not be thrown to and fro by every freaky doctrine out there. The best defense against fear is truth. Use the truth that you know to learn more truth until all of your fear of the unknown is gone. Each time you are debilitated by fear and use the Words of God to quell it you will come out the other side stronger and able to fight the next attack of fear. Soon enough you will ‘fear not’ for you will know for certain the Lord is with