Bible Study

Bible study to return in September 2017

Stay tuned for detail…

Women’s Bible Study on Tuesday Nights

This Women’s Bible Study is designed to bring women to a mature knowledge of the things of God. He is calling us to become a mature church that has knowledge knowing Him well (His Knowledge in US!).

Each study is not concurrent and can stand alone as a study of the Word of God with the major theme of discipleship. We are devoted to making disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father,  and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit and teaching them all the things that Jesus has commanded us. The GREAT Commission If it is your goal for 2016 to grow in the Word of God and discover His will for your life this is the women’s study for you.

We search together through Scripture, allow Scripture to speak for itself then we discuss how it applies to our lives in this day. We memorize Scripture so as to put God’s Words into our heart for future use. We are available for each other to lean on and give comfort and encouragement. We love each other as Jesus loves His church!

Join us to search together through Scripture and let Jesus reveal Himself in us!