Biblical Boundaries Part 4: Wisdom

Up to this point you have been gaining wisdom without being aware of how much wisdom you have gained. If you have been asking Jesus for answers and He has been supplying them wisdom has been embroiled in all of those answers. There was prep work for you to do from Week 3 and if you did it you will know what you look like when you are on the other side of this transgression. The thing God has asked you to stop doing or to start doing will lead you into a specific character trait or state of mind. Up until this point this trait was flawed because of this transgression. God is working at perfecting it in you starting from this point.

In the past several weeks you have learned to become aware of your transgressions, what leads to your transgressions and how to begin intervening on your own behalf along with Jesus. If you follow the book The White Picket Fence you will have been journaling all of these pieces of information. Somewhere along the line, if you have been speaking to Jesus, you will have had a revelation from Jesus. When you invite Jesus to help you intervene on your transgression He doesn’t waste any time revealing to you what needs to be done. The thing I love more every day about Jesus is when He asks us to stop doing that “thing” He also gives us a replacement for it. He is working to make us who He created us to be if we would just trust Him to go where He sends us. I know exactly how hard trusting Him is for us mere humans especially us women who have been hurt by human men. We can do it in time. If the Word says we can trust Him we can be guaranteed we can (do a search because I don’t have enough blog room to quote them all).

The wisdom we get is from Him. You are learning this week the wisdom behind knowing what makes you tick. We need to discern the behaviours causing us to transgress by writing them down. It is one thing to think them but writing them down shows us the behaviours in real life. One bit of information I want you to know is when they are in our head the devil has no access to them but once you write them down they become food for his eyes. When we start discerning what the devil is using to make us transgress he will step up his game. This is part of the wisdom Jesus wants us to know. When we determine to follow Jesus, the devil will begin to trip us so we fall head first into the ditch on our path. I want you to know it is not Jesus tripping us, but if He thinks we need to be tripped to learn to obey Him, He will let the devil trip us.

Learning what the easiest spark to eliminate is, and going after completely elimination of that one first, will give you the strength you need to eliminate all of them up to the hardest. To be successful at this you must determine to do this daily to work this out in your life. Wisdom is useless if it is only used intermittently.

By this week if you are lukewarm about eliminating sin you are in disobedience. Jesus said in John 13:17 that if you know these things, blessed are you if you do them. This verse would spur you with its goodness but if you need to be shocked into doing the will of God you can go to James 4:17. Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. Eventually, as you continue in the will of God, the blessing verses will spur you on to do good but sometimes we need the verses that scare us to death to spur us on. Don’t fear having to use them. They are there for just that reason. God knows us better than we know ourselves. He has provided exactly what we need to get into His will.

The wisdom you need this week is from God and it will continue to come from God. You are learning whatever it takes to be successful and that knowledge can only come from Jesus. He is going to provide the escape for you but it may very well take some time and smaller steps to make sure you are successful. Going cold turkey might work for someone but not for you. The process is a learning experience each one of us must go through so we do not go back to the transgression again. We are all aware of the story of the demons return with seven worse than him but if you are not read Matthew 12:43-45. We need to habitually seek God’s face for answers that will give us the wisdom to stay away from sin.

If you need help learning how to set Biblical boundaries The White Picket Fence, Crown for Life Pursues Biblical Boundaries will be available for purchase beginning in December. The last chapter is an instruction for you but I recommend you read the whole book first because our need to feel as if we are not alone will be met with abundance.