Biblical Boundaries Part 2: The Spark

Last week we discussed the awareness of our need to have Biblical boundaries in our lives. Until we are aware of the need for them we will not make the effort to woo them out in our lives. To continue past the awareness phase of the White Picket Fence Instructions we need to understand what causes us to need these boundaries. Outside of the precepts of God we need to be able to protect the direction God has planned for us. Getting into His will has to be a priority for us but we do have an adversary who wants to frustrate every move we make (1 Peter 5:8). Knowing this we can move forward with a better understanding behind our frustration and our sin.

As Christians, we are not immune to the temptation the devil will bring. Jesus said we will have trouble in this world (John 16:33) but we do not need to allow it to rule over us. Every boundary we set for ourselves will be set ablaze if we do not begin putting these fires out one at a time. The spark is the temptation that leads to sin. Discovering what is behind your failure to succeed will help you avoid burning your fence down out of ignorance. Your understanding of ‘why’ you sin will be your power to extinguish the spark before the fire rages and burns down your whole white picket fence. Kathleen Derbyshire; The White Picket Fence, 2017

Fire in the Bible has two meanings outside of food and warm. Acts 2:3 tells us it is the presence of God. This can set our soul on fire for God to have a zeal for His will in our life and in others. The other fire is the His judgement. Isaiah 50:11 tells us we can light our own fires but we will lay down in torment. This is the fire that is, definitely, burning our fence down. Either we are being set on fire by Jesus or we are being set on fire by the devil. You need find out where the fire is coming from and either allow God to fan the flames or get out your fire extinguisher to put it out before it does any more damage to your boundaries (boundaries and fence are synonymous in The White Picket Fence Novel).

This week spend some time discovering what sparks a fire in you to sin. Without this understanding, you will continue to go in the same direction, tripping over the same stones, knocking your head on the same beam and scratching your head with the same scarred hand. This cycle has to be stopped but it will only stop if you do the work to figure out why you keep repeating it. As a result, you will not be able to continue lying to yourself, because once you know, you cannot un-know the information. When you know, you will be able to modify the direction of these behaviours. If it takes twenty tries to learn keep at it. Don’t stop learning.

If you haven’t read Part 1, read it now, if you have you are aware that Jesus expects us to know what He wants us to do and to do it. If you write down what Jesus has asked you to do it is easier to keep referring to it. If you are not journaling, you should be. In your journal write down this week what sparks you to sin. The world is filled with eye candy for us to cause us to sin. What is your spark? What is it you see, hear, smell, taste or touch causing you to want the thing you know you cannot have. Write it down in your journal, especially if it is a daily event. A good example would be our love of sweets. They are all over the place, particularly this time of year. They draw people. They lure people. They will cause you to go to extremes to eat them. You are addicted like the rest of us. Use your senses to see which one of them lures you the hardest to the sweets. Write it down. If sweets are not your issue what is? Use your senses to discern which one is drawing you to that thing. Write it down. Do the best you can this week to understand every detail about this thing that God has asked you to quit. Why is your god rather than Jesus? What does it possess that keeps drawing you back?

Write down what you did when it drew you. Write down who you were with when it drew you. Write down how you were feeling when you were drawn into this sin. Answering these questions this week will help you to continue in these instructions. This work is not too hard for you to do but you need to set your face on doing it or you will fail at eliminating this sin and others. We need to habitually eliminate sin. It is the only way to stay in the will of God.

If you need help learning how to set Biblical boundaries The White Picket Fence, Crown for Life Pursues Biblical Boundaries will be available for purchase beginning in December. The last chapter is an instruction for you but I recommend you read the whole book first. Our need to feel as if we are not alone will be met with abundance.