Welcome to the Biblical Life Skills Strategist website, where you can find the richness of God’s Words come alive and the mysteries therein revealed to you. I am Kathleen Derbyshire, an ever growing Christian. I write and teach Bible studies that focus on the improvement of our every day Life Skills. For the past 15 years I have been determining and walking in the will of the Father for my life and now I want to help you walk in His will too!

The will of the Father for you can only be found in the Words of God and His specific will for you can only be found by you! If you choose a life grounded in the Words of God they will transform the knowledge from God’s teachings into solid Biblical Applications of all Life Skills! Every decision, and its resultant, is based on how mature the life skill has become through study of the Scriptures and the practical application of those skills. My purpose is to empower Christian women to BE overcomers while on the journey of walking in the will of the Father. I will use my passion to succeed, with my adoration for Scripture to point you toward the best Biblical practices available to acquire the abundant life promised in John 10:10.

I base all of my writings and teachings upon the truth of the Scriptures using personal experiences, Biblical history, Biblical application and God’s perfect will for us. Each of the topics will not only include my current personal journey but ones I have already travelled, and sometimes, a mix of both.

I am excited to reveal my experiences with you every week while I continue on the journey of improving my life skills. It is my prayer for you to find the will of God for your life, walk in it and have the best this life has to offer you through the improvement of your life skills. If you would like to be a part of the excitement just sign up (on your right) for the Newsletter and come along.

Thanks for visiting and may the God of all Hope bless you on this very day,